Meet Jason


Jason Gasper-Hulvat

Meet Jason, local craft beer enthusiast and Brewmaster at Shale Brewing Company. Jason has helped us to double our selection of beers on tap to customers as well as create some excellent limited taproom releases. 


Get to know a little more about Jason:

Q. What is your favorite beer at Shale?

A. Favorite beer at Shale is also a hard question, it’s like asking which is your favorite child. My approach to brewing is that if there is a beer I don’t think is as good or worth enjoying as anything else I brew that is a problem.

Q. What is unique about the beers that you brew here at Shale?

A. I would say part of what is different about Shale is a focus on easy drinking beers you would drink more than one of. When developing a new beer something I ask myself is if this is a beer I could see someone buy six-packs of to take home to stock the fridge or come in to have a few pints. That’s not to say other places aren’t making the beers you want to have again, but for most of our beer that is part of the process.

Q. What is your  favorite thing about being a part of the craft beer community… Likewise, what is your favorite craft beer event to attend?

A. My favorite part of the craft brewing community is that on the whole we tend to be more collaborative and supportive of one another than competitive. The two events I most enjoy attending are Rubber City Beer Fest which is put on by SAAZ, an Akron Area homebrewers club, and Winter Warmer which is organized by the Ohio Craft Brewers Association. Both events focus on local breweries and are supporting the local craft brewing community. Rubber City Beer Fest also does a really nice job promoting the connection between home brewers and professional brewers including a number of collaborations brewed with homebrewers at local breweries.

Q. What can people expect from Shale’s beer selection in the future?

A. Realistically going forward I think people should expect to see our offerings outside of the core (bottled) brands continue to be predominantly malt focused, flavor forward beers that are easy drinking and under 8% ABV. I anticipate they will regularly include some type of lager; a fruit beer or two; a couple hop focused beers with those tending to be more balanced rather than being aggressively bitter and highlighting hop flavor and aroma; and the occasional sour, higher ABV, barrel aged, or experimental styles.