Why we are the Craft Beer for All People.

Shale Brewing Company prides itself on brewing high-quality, easy-to-love and easy-to-drink craft beer. Our craft beer can be enjoyed by all people from the occasional craft beer drinker to the most discerning craft beer fanatic.

Veteran-owned and veteran brewed, Shale Brewing Company is proud to be a place where anyone can meet and exchange ideas, engage in conversation, build relationships, eat great food, drink craft beer, and have a great time. This has been the guiding force in not only the drinks and food we serve, but more importantly who we have working with us and the story we all create together.

Shale’s commitment to our community is at the forefront of what we do. We don’t just talk about ideas; we bring them to life. As an integral partner with the North Canton Cares Food Pantry, we are proud to utilize our storage space, vehicles, outreach and funding to help provide food to those in need in North Canton. It is because of our success in achieving our own goals, and helping others to achieve theirs, that we were named business of the year for 2020 by the North Canton Area Chamber of Commerce because. Our goal is to continue to be outstanding corporate citizens while consistently producing excellent products for our customers. That’s why we are the “Craft Beer for All People.”

Our passion is craft beer. Our drive is community. Our commitment is to you.

What is craft redefined?

Craftsmanship: creating things by hand with skill, precision and technique learned from years of experience. Inject passion and heart into this mix and you have “Craft Redefined.”

Craftsmanship is a deeply embedded cultural point of pride at Shale Brewing Company. Heritage techniques are front and center in everything we do.

Craft Beer. Craft Barbecue. Craft Coffee. Craft Pizza. Introducing our community to all things “craft” builds loyalty with consumers who increasingly value the history and authenticity that make Shale special.

Far from our increasingly fast-paced and mechanized society where a premium is placed on speed, there’s nothing quite like a product that was lovingly crafted, made with care and passion, and presented with pride.

We are Craft Redefined.

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