Roughneck RedAmber Ale
5.4% ABV
18 IBU’s

The distinct copper-red color and malty almost toffee like aroma allude to the Irish Ale inspiration of our lighter bodied Amber Ale which balances caramel and toffee notes with a crisp refreshing finish.

Cold Rolled AleAmerican Pale Ale
6% ABV
61 IBU’s
Bright Gold with an off-white head this American Pale Ale features a blend of our favorite classic American hops contributing aromas of orange, grapefruit, and tangerine with hints of floral and pine and flavors of grapefruit, pine, and citrus with light notes of bready and caramel malt.

Deep Driller Porter
6.5% ABV
30 IBU’s
Roasted malts and sweet caramel fuse with bittersweet chocolate for a rich malty aroma, deep brown color, and dark chocolate finish that lingers lightly on the pallet.

Coffee Cream Stout
5.3% ABV
27 IBU’s
Brewed with Milk Sugars and Single Origin Coffee from Mugswigz Coffee and Tea this black brown milk-stout with its pillowy khaki head and malt sweetness with rich chocolate and roasted coffee notes is evocative of an iced coffee with a pinch of sweetener and splash of cream.

SBC Taphouse Exclusive Lager
6.5% ABV
15 IBU’s
This pre-prohibition inspired lager has a sweet malty aroma and more robust flavor that make it distinct from the modern American Lager yet the low bitterness and the clean refreshing taste may make you forget how big this beer actually is.

SBC Taphouse Exclusive IPA
7.8% ABV
85 IBU’s
Simcoe, Citra, Amarillo and Cascade come together as this east coast styled IPA leads with a dank pine and citrus aroma that gives way to more floral notes as it warms. Carmel malts and notes of peach and melon provide balance to this intensely hopped beer.

SBC Taphouse Exclusive Golden Ale
4.5% ABV
10 IBU’s
From its brilliant pale straw color and delicate white foam this thirst quenching ale has a subtle malt sweetness, delicate hop notes and light body that make this simple and yet complex style an American classic.

SBC Taphouse Exclusive Blackberry Ale
4.3% ABV
10 IBU’s
This refreshing fruit forward ale is infused with blackberry puree post fermentation to give a distinct inky purple tint and the sweet, slightly tart flavor of fresh ripe blackberries.

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